Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Nudist Ski Vacation

Over the years, I have run into people who combine world-class skiing with a nudist vacation in Colorado. One couple I know regularly skis at Loveland Ski Area, then in the afternoon they drive by Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort to soak nude in the hot tub, then lounge by the fireplace in the Clubhouse.

The drive from Loveland Ski Area to Mountain Air Ranch is only one hour and 15 minutes, as shown in the map below. During the winter (when there is not a dance at the Ranch), you can reserve all four bedrooms (and two full baths, full kitchen, and living room with fireplace) for just $100 a night. Or just get one room for $70 a night. Then you can be nude when you want too and bundle up for some of the best skiing in the world. With two couples travelling in January 2009 into Denver International Airport, you can ski and relax nude for less than $160 per person per day (that would include a rental SUV with ski rack at DIA, rental skis, lodging at MAR, full price lift tickets, ski area parking). All you would need is airfare.

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Another option is to stay at the Orvis Hot Springs (clothing optional) and drive to Telluride Ski Resort about 45 minutes away. Orvis has several soaking pools that are 94 degrees or warmer year round and no bathing suit required. Telluride is a little pricey, but some great skiing.

"303Magazine" Article on Colorado Nudism

Earlier this year, 303 Magazine published an article on nudism which you can read here (PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader required).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One for the record books

Yesterday, at Mountain Air Ranch, the temperature poolside was a pleasant 74 degrees F. Many people (I counted 22) enjoyed the sunshine. Turns out that this is the warmest November 18th on record. Too bad the sun dropped below the nearby hill just after 4pm.

The pool is still open (for at least another week) and heated to 84 degrees. The hot tub is open year round at a very warm 104 degrees.

There is a Thanksgiving dinner and dance this Saturday, Nov 22, at MAR. Dinner is $8 a person and includes turkey, all the accessories and home-made pumpkin pie and is served at 6pm.

The Thanksgiving dance, $14 per person, features the live band Hot Posse and starts playing at 8pm. Clothing is optional, fun mandatory!

The weather on Saturday is supposed to be pleasant, sunny with temperatures in the 50s or 60s.

Videos at Valley View Hot Springs

Vally View Hot Springs is a very large, beautiful hot springs resort (many, many acres) with camping, lodging and RV spots. Its clothing optional everywhere. Here are some very good videos, including one during a snowstorm.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nude Years Eve Accomodations

Contrary to a posting on the Rocky Mountain Naturists newsgroup, overnight accomodations at the Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort for New Years Eve are fully booked. There is currently a waitlist for rooms in the Lodge or for the Ponderosa cabin. The Scrub Oak cabin is still available, but it is a little chilly in the winter and is only a small cabin with a queen size bed in it (its a long cold walk to a bathroom).
The Ponderosa Cabin has a full kitchen, fireplace, bath and queen bed and there was a posting that mistakenly said that someone could get it from someone who didn't need it.

If you are thinking of going to the New Years Eve dance at Mountain Air Ranch but don't want to drive home, remember that several people usually just put sleeping bags in their car during the dance, then sack out on the dance floor after the festivities end around 2am. The Clubhouse where they hold the dance is plenty warm (maybe too warm?).

The dance is truly one of the great deals in the Denver area. Only $40 each which includes a nice dinner, followed by the dance, with a champagne toast (one bottle per table of four people). Usually around 100 to 120 people attend.

In the past we have driven home after the dance (with one of us a designated driver), have slept in the back of our very large SUV, or have borrowed a friend's trailer that is parked on site. This year we were fortunate enough to get a room with a king-size bed in the Lodge for that evening.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why is there no poll on how nudists voted?

After the massive number of polls taken about the US Presidential campaign, I can't find any evidence that a poll was taken to see how nudists were going to vote? I did hear polls on how people under 30 voted, how hispanics voted, how every county in the United States voted and how much that vote changed from 4 and 8 years ago. Seems also laughable that I can't find out how the nudists voted.

There were the stories about how the nudists in Florida wanted their own polling places, and I am surprised that no media or polling service picked up on that to find out how the residents of Caliente were going to vote. It seems like a really good excuse to get an editor to allow another reported to go to a nudist resort and report on what goes on there. In hindsight, the whole things seems like a publicity stunt, since no serious action was ever taken to get a polling place.

Of course, there are always the suggestions that, while visiting a nudist resort, one should never talk about religion or politics, so maybe its best to leave this one alone.

How come no poll on how nudists voted?

How come no poll on how nudists voted?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Running naked with a pumpkin on your head makes you a dangerous sex offender?

The Daily Camera news in Boulder, Colorado is reporting that the 12 people cited for "indecent exposure" during the Nude Pumpkin Run will have to register as sex offenders is convicted. WOW!!!! Talk about over-reactions. The twelve people are also a pretty well educated bunch as this article shows.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Practice family nudism and your kids are less likely to be autistic?

New research indicates that a lack of vitamin D may be a suspect in the development of autism. As the magazine Scientific American reports: Children in rainy states may watch more TV, which has been linked to problems with language development and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Because they spend less time in the sun, those kids may be deficient in vitamin D, which is needed for the brain-building steroid calcitriol, the scientists suggest."

As other experts will tell you, taking vitamin D supplements is an ineffective way to supplement your diet, and that exposure of your skin to sunlight is the most effective method to get vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D is also a suspect in contributing to cancer.

Naked pumpkin runners ticketed in Colorado

Instead of attending the Naked Pumpkin Run in Boulder this weekend, we decided to spend the weekend soaking nude at Orvis Hot Springs. So we missed the event in Boulder, which evidently did not go very well for some. Here is some video from the 2002 event:

November 2, 2008
Naked pumpkin runners ticketed in Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. - Police in Colorado have ticketed about a dozen people running naked on the street while sporting freshly gutted pumpkins on their heads as part of an annual Halloween event.

The citations for indecent exposure Friday night came as dozens of other costumed revellers, including a man with a red cape and a sword, chanted to police officers to let go of the streakers and "find real criminals."

The event known in Boulder, Colo. as the Naked Pumpkin Run has been held for 10 years.

This year it drew a huge crowd, prompting concern from police.

Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner says officers "wanted to do something before (the event) got out of hand."