Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Naked pumpkin run: All in good fun

The Boulder Daily Camera has more analysis on the arrest and prosecution of 12 people for participating in the Naked Pumpkin Run. This is a writeup by Andy Schmidt, one of the attorneys for Ty Tuff, who case was dropped and closed (thank goodness). This gives me hope that saner heads may yet prevail in the People's Republic of Boulder.

There is also a writeup about an interview with the Boulder Police Chief where there seems to be some problem with justifying a sex offense for running naked.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Record Temperatures at Mountain Air Ranch

As you can see from the picture, the temperature for the past two days at the pool at Mountain Air Ranch has been 74 degrees, with another warm day expected today. Yesterday was sunny enough to get a sunburn, and at 7000 feet, that happens pretty quickly.
The swimming pool was still closed for the season (until April) but the hot tub was working well (with a new pump for the air jets).
Even though the temperature at the MAR Office was only 58 degrees, the temperature on the pool deck is considerably warmer on sunny days. The temperature in Deer Creek Canyon was only 46 degrees (about 5 miles downhill).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another GREEN Reason to be a Nudist

A Nudist As President of the United States

OK, cheap trick, posting this the day before Barack Obama gets sworn in as our 44th President. But its interesting to read news coverage around the world about this event. In South Africa, they noted that John Quincy Adams used to get up two hours before sunrise in order to swim naked in the Potomac River before work. Now, I've tried to swim in the Potomac around Washington, DC and I remember it being quite cold and pretty swift in parts, but that may be because I was upriver from Georgetown.
You can read all of the other interesting tidbits about US Presidents from a South African view on this website.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Most Outrageous Reaction to a Nude Person

Guess its best to stay OUT OF ARKANSAS. The Arkansas Times reported:

A 69-year-old Prairie Grove man was sentenced to six months in jail for indecent exposure in May after strolling nude onto his shrub-surrounded patio and being espied there by a sharp-eyed neighbor lady, who, according to testimony, had to do some major craning to spot something that offended her.

I find it amazing that the woman wasn't cited for voyeurism, since the article definitely implies that the man had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

But then, what can you expect from a state where its illegal to be nude in front of any other person except your spouse or a doctor? Actually, if I wrote this article in Arkansas, I would be guilty of a crime (they don't believe in free speech there, I guess) and could be put in jail for 6 months just for promoting nudism.

Talk about a backwater. Which reminds me of a joke about red-necks: Why can't they solve real crimes in Arkansas? There aren't any dental records and all the DNA matches.

Article on Nude Soaking in Idaho Springs Colorado has an article about Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Indian Hot Springs is just off I-70 about mid-way between a lot of ski resorts and metro Denver. Soaking in the caves is in the nude, but separated by gender (women's section and men's section). If you want to soak nude with someone of the opposite sex, you have to get a private indoor or outdoor tub.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Nudist on TV 56 years ago

A pretty good episode of "What's My Line?" from 1953. For younger folks, this was a popular game show during the era of black and white television.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Skinny Dipping in 1934

Most of us never think of our parents or grandparents being as liberated as we are. We tend to think that nudism is a "new thing". But here is a video clip of Maureen O'Sullivan swimming naked with Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan and His Mate. This movie was released in 1934.

Now, its possible that the woman is a double for Ms. O'Sullivan; I can't be sure. But it sure would be hard to make this movie and have Ms. O'Sullivan suddenly have a swim suit in the middle of the jungle when she was previously wearing her nightgown.

A Very Hapy Nude Year

Here are a couple of shots of a magnificent sunrise at Mountain Air Ranch on January 1, 2009. Click on a picture to see it in full resolution (9 megapixels, about a 4MByte JPEG).