Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kate Hudson Finds Nudity "Liberating"

From the AANR Bulletin:
Actress Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity who says she enjoys spending time in the buff. The 28-year-old Hudson, the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn and stepdaughter of actor Kurt Russell, said she was brought up by her parents to feel comfortable in her own skin. The actress reveals she often spends much of her time at home naked and finds it liberating. Hudson is only the latest in a long line of celebrities who have recently said in interviews that they enjoy nudity. Last year, singer Christina Aguilera revealed she and her husband enjoy what they call "Naked Sundays," when they go about their normal domestic routines in the nude. Actress Eva Mendes told More magazine one of her favorite pastimes is nude gardening. Hudson's latest film is Fool's Gold, co-starring Matthew McConaughey, who is also no stranger to nudity. Read more at Kate Hudson.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update coming in Google Earth/Panoramio

I was notified that more pictures from Mountain Air Ranch have been reviewed and selected by Panoramio for inclusion in the March 15th update to the Google Earth Satellite Mapping Program. If you haven't tried Google Earth, give it a try and fly over the globe looking at things. A new picture taken by Kathy is particularly good. It shows Family Day at MAR back in June 2006. Lots of people and lots of colors, mostly from the umbrellas.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Canuding

This isn't a Colorado event, but the Rio Grande river STARTS in Colorado.
3 Day Wilderness Canuding Trip

AANR-SW is sponsoring a 3-day, 2 night, wilderness canuding trip on the Rio Grande River in the canyons of Big Bend National Park. This is a fully supported and guided trip by professional river guides. Participation is for AANR members only and is limited to 20 individuals. Trip is scheduled for late October 2008. Last year we saw no other people from lunch the 1st day until the take-out the 3rd day, a perfect nudist wilderness experience.

For additional information contact

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nude Weddings

Here is a pretty good article on nude weddings in the Arizona Republic (Phoenix newspaper) on getting married in the nude. With what you save on wedding dresses and tuxedos, you can definitely have a better reception afterwards.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More mainstream media gets into Nude Vacations

The Washington Post has an online article that mentions Nakations (Naked Vacations) and links to the AANR web site for more information.

AANR is looking for newbies - people who have just been introduced to nude recreation. They have an short fuse on an opportunity to contribute to a New York Times travel section article.
If you can think of anybody, you should let
Carolyn Hawkins
Public Relations Coordinator
The American Association for Nude Recreation know about it.

The weather in Colorado is definitely improving. Highs today and Monday in Denver are supposed to be in the 50s, 60s on Tuesday. The road in Mountain Air Ranch melted off yesterday and is drying up, several people took advantage of the hot tub last night (Friday). Here's two pictures at Mountain Air Ranch, one taken on Friday and the other taken on Saturday (today). With the weather forecast, all that white stuff should be gone by Tuesday.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines Day at Mountain Air Ranch

Mountain Air Ranch had their Valentine's Day Dance last Saturday night. Seventy people attended the "Paris in the Spring" themed event, with Rudy's Roadhouse Band providing the live music. Refreshments included fresh bread,various cheeses, croissants, salami, fresh fruit and chocolate. Here is the clubhouse decorated for the dance.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time for a Nakation?

A couple of comments about Nakations (Nude Vacations):

1. The taxi drivers at the Cancun, Mexico airport love the visitors to Hidden Beach Resort (a nude resort) because they have so little baggage (overheard by a lady that didn't let them know she spoke Spanish).
2. Nakationers really don't like the new TSA liquid rules, because their toiletry kits used to be the largest item they packed and it WAS easy to use carry on.
3. When the airline loses your luggage on your way to a vacation at Club Orient in St. Martin, you really don't worry about it much (which really messes with the minds of the airline workers!)
4. When going to dinner at the resort, the only question from my wife has been "Should I wear my blue pareo, my yellow pareo or nothing?" And we were ON TIME for dinner!

From Gary Leff, Chief Financial Officer for a university research center:

"I get several pitches a day from various PR hacks looking to place a story for a client. Most of the time I ignore them. Occasionally I ridicule them. But once in a while I simply reproduce a portion of their email verbatim.

The latest travel buzzword to appear in our lexicon comes from the 50,000 members of the American Association for Nude Recreation ( and the word is: Nakation.

AANR defines a Nakation (pronounced like vacation) as: v. to take a clothing optional vacation, esp. away from home for pleasure and recreation. n. the part of your vacation you’ll brag to friends about.

Heck, with airlines charging for extra checked luggage, it makes good fiscal sense to take a Nakation. This type of pleasure trip also eliminates the potential hassle of lost luggage!"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Quote

"Truth is, most of us contain a splashing, giggling, squealing child who
knows without thinking that bare skin and water go together as wings go
with air, roots with earth, and the phoenix with incendiary sun."
-- Elle MacPherson

I ran across this quote. I was impressed by it and surprised that it was from a super-model. But then my wife set me straight (which thankfully she does from time to time) by pointing out the Elle MacPherson is known for being both brainy and beautiful.

Here are about 100 people acting like splashing, giggling, squealing children (click on the picture to see it full size):