Monday, December 24, 2007

A few more pictures from nude beaches around the world

OK, so not really about Colorado, but here are a couple of pictures from a informal nude beach in Kauai (Secret Beach) and a resort with a nude beach at Hawksbill Bay in Antigua. Secret Beach is down a muddy trail from a residential area above the beach. Only about 6 people there when we went. Our Hawksbill trip was some years ago, and the resort has a third beach, thru a gate, that is nude.

Friday, December 21, 2007

New map posted

An updated map of the hiking trails at Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort was posted on the Panoramio web site at You can see the full resolution version (all 1.5 MBytes) at

There are other pictures of the Ranch at that site. I was also informed that two of the pictures will be on the Jan 15, 2008 update of Google Earth (those are the pictures with the little compass overlaid on them).

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Mid-December day nude...

Well, it was only 62 on the pool deck today at Mountain Air Ranch, so we warmed up in the hot tub first, then were able to get some sun comfortably from around 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Then the clouds starting coming in and the breeze picked up. Very quiet, only saw one other person around. Should be livelier this weekend, since the lodge has a few people there.

There is work going on the drainage ditch on Mica Mine Gulch Road, so make sure to stay to the left when driving in. Turns out the county requires the ditch to be cleared out to handle the runoff in the spring. So the landowner at the intersection is working on drainage.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Past article and pictures at Mountain Air Ranch

If you go to this link at Next Northern Colorado Magazine
you can read about Mountain Air Ranch and people's attitudes about nude recreation. There is a pretty good picture of a couple of folks enjoying the pool during May 2007. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the cover of that issue that shows the guy playing shuffleboard at the Ranch.

There is also a great picture of 10 people au naturel in the Poudre River posing for a poster to "Save the Poudre".

In other timely news, the weather today at Mountain Air Ranch was in the upper 40s and partly cloudy, so probably better to use the sauna and hot tub and leave the laying out in the sun for tomorrow, when the temperature will be in the 50s and the patio in front of the sauna will probably be in the low 70s. I hope to at least get by tomorrow for a couple of hours. Not bad for the week before Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mountain Air Ranch 2008 Calendar

Chilly night in Colorado tonight. -10 in the mountains, 9 degress on the Front Range. Good night to be in a hot tub or hot spring!

Here is the calendar for MAR for 2008 (at least until they get the official web page updated at
Jan 1st - New Year's Breakfast
Feb 9th - Valentines Dance
Mar 8th - Corned Beef Dinner/St. Patricks Dance
April 26th - Spring Fiesta (Mid-Life Crisis)
May 17th - Adopt-A-Highway
May 24th - Weekend Tournaments Begin
May 26th - Memorial Day Remembrance
May 31st - Bingo
June 7th - Womens Bocce Tournament
June 14th - Family Day/Pool-side square dance
June 21st - Put-it-on-Poker night
June 28th - Auction
July 4th - Independence Day Tournaments
July 5th - Independence Day Dance
July 12 - Family Day/Family Poolside party
July 19th - Trailer Crawl
July 26th - Steak Fry
Aug 2nd - Chili Cook Off
Aug 9th - Luau/Poolside Concert/Bingo
Aug 16th - Family Day
Aug 30th - Labor Day Tournaments begin/ Labor Day Dance
Sept 1st - Beer, Brats and Hot Dogs
Sept 20th - Adopt a Highway
Sept 27th - General Membership Mtg/MAR Appreciation Day (Dinner)
Oct 25th - Halloween Party and DJ Dance
Nov 22nd - Turkey Dinner/Turkey Dance
Dec 31st - New Years Dinner/Dance

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chuck's Trip Report - Desert Reef Hot Spring, Florence, CO

In the Rocky Mountain Naturists forum, "Chuck" posted a trip report on his visit last week to Desert Reef Hot Spring south of Colorado Springs. I thought I would re-post some of it here for others to access:

Hi all, The three of us are relatively new here, having joined the group about a month ago, and have been lurking in the background to see what RMN is about. We greatly enjoy outdoor activities and are avid campers during the warmer seasons. I seriously doubt if we could be classified as all out, active naturists, or nudists, or whatever the right word is, but we have no hesitation in going to clothing optional hot springs. DESERT REEF HOT SPRING (719) 784-6143 (The web address has been added to the group's links section.) Last Saturday, Dec 8, we had some relatives fly in from Northern Europe for an extended stay over the Christmas holidays. Since their bodies were about eight hours out of sync, we decided to do nothing on Sunday except to make a trip to our favorite hot spring, Desert Reef, for some relaxation and acclimation. When we arrived, we had the place to ourselves for several hours. The air temperature was around 20 degrees and it was lightly snowing, so none of us wasted any time in dashing from the changing rooms to the pool. On this day the water temperature was about 104 and due to the temperature difference, there was an abundance of mist constantly rising from the pool area that provided for a very pleasant and quieting atmosphere throughout our stay. Tanya, one of the resident managers, was as congenial as ever, and since we were the only ones there, allowed us to take pictures. For the most part, cameras are not allowed on the premises for obvious reasons. Some of the things we really like about Desert Reef are: - It is nearby. - It is an out-of-the-way place and not that well known, and therefore is never crowded. The pool is drained and cleaned every week. - The water comes from a natural geothermal source over a thousand feet down. It is pure, crystal clear and with a blue tint because of travertine minerals. It also contains calcium. Most importantly, to us anyway, it is completely sulfur free, none of the noxious smell usually associated with hot springs. - No chemicals are added to the water. - Tanya and Norm run a tight ship, keeping the place clean and closely monitoring the actions of visitors. - Desert Reef is a family oriented place and it is almost impossible for kids to be out of their parent's sight. We feel safe having ours there with us. Without reservation, we most highly recommend Desert Reef Hot Spring as a good place to visit for anyone and as a safe place to take your kids. F CB

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Warmer December Day

Today is December 4th, and the temperature at Mountain Air Ranch is 67 degrees, party cloudy and windy. The swimming pool closed yesterday (winter cover put on), but the hot tub and sauna are still available. Even though the temperature is in the 60s, there is still a little snow still standing from the 4 inches we got last Wednesday, mostly just in the shaded areas.

From the clubhouse, you see a lot of foxes and black squirrels still. The deer aren't as plentiful now (they can be nuisance in the fall as the stand around on the road).

Sunday, December 2, 2007

December Nudism in Colorado

Most people think of snow when they hear of Colorado in winter. Granted, some parts of Colorado got over 2 feet of snow yesterday and the skiing is great, but there are still places to go outside where you can enjoy the outdoors without freezing.

The swimming pool at Mountain Air Ranch will probably close today. It is heated to 84 degrees from early May to the end of November and very enjoyable even when the air temperature is low. The hot tub (at 104 degrees) is open year round, as well as the sauna and the clubhouse.
The clubhouse TV area has a large fire place with lots of wood and is a great place to watch football games.
There will be a New Year's Eve dinner and dance, and the club house will be warm enough that clothes will actually make you uncomfortably warm.

Orvis Hot Springs is wonderful in the winter. I have been in the large pool when the temperature outside is freezing and been quite toasty. The evenings, with the steam making fog so thick you can't see more than a couple of feet, are wonderful in winter. Keep in mind that the temperature at night can drop to freezing even in late August (I have seen this).
Here are some pictures of Orvis in the winter:

Valley View has closed for a a month, so not a good place for December.

Of course, there is always Dakota Hot Springs south of Colorado Springs. I haven't been in winter yet.

Nude in Colorado