Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tonight's Nude Year's Eve Party at Mountain Air Ranch

The sponsors of tonight's New Year's Eve Dinner and Party want you to know there are still some openings:

According to the office, a few reservations are still available for the MAR NYE Dinner/Dance.
Prime Rib Dinner.
Great Dance Band.
Midnight Champagne Toast and Dessert Buffet.
And, tons of Door Prizes!

  • Dance Certificate
  • Lodging Certificate.
  • Wine Basket.
  • Nightgown & Robe Set.
  • Avon Gift Set.
  • Ultimate Margarita Kit.
  • Lost Bikini Grill Certificate.
  • The Fort Certificate.
  • Tipsy's Certificate.
And more..
If you don't yet have a reservation call the office ASAP to make sure you get to partake of the festivities.
See ya there!

December 30, 2008 and 68 degrees at Mountain Air Ranch

Two days before the start of 2009 and the weather at Mountain Air Ranch was a pleasant 68 degrees and calm. Just two hours earlier, the winds had been howling at 50 miles per hour out of the west, so the downslope conditions caused a lot of warming. Around noon, the winds died down and, as you can see from the picture, the temperatures were very nice. Good hiking and plenty of sunshine to lay out in.

If you click on the picture, you will get a full size version where it is easy to see that the temperature was 68 degrees F and the relative humidity was only 14 percent.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Four Videos on Nudism

Skinbook has four professionally done videos on nudism. These are done in Brazil, so they are subtitled in English. You have to have the Adobe Flash player installed to see the videos.

This is a 4-part video, and I have tried to arranged the parts in order, from top to bottom.

Not Colorado, but we need a WARM reminder

A couple has posted a nice video slideshow of their vacation at the Hangin' Loose Naturist Club on the Big Island of Hawaii. They also visit a nearby black-sand beach that is traditional nudist (there are no official nude beaches in Hawaii, but several are used nude without government interference).

You can view the video here. Its an MP4 file, so you will need Apple Quicktime support or other MP4 player.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

In the interest of balanced reporting...

A month ago, I posted that the temperature poolside at Mountain Air Ranch was a comfortable 74 degrees F. In those past 30 days, the temperature in Denver, Colorado set a record low (minus 19 degrees F) with the temperature that day at MAR much higher at +6 degrees F (a full 26 degrees warmer than nearby Denver, although I hesitate to use the word warmer). Just last weekend, the temps went from 54 degrees on Saturday to 9 degrees for a high on Sunday. Seems reasonable that the pool was closed up the first weekend in December.

Until we get the warm moments starting in February and March (yes, it happens), I guess its time to stick to the hot tub and sauna at MAR, or to go to the clothing optional hot springs around Colorado (Dakota and Orvis for example).

Also, I should mention that rooms for overnight guests at Orvis Hot Springs have been much more popular. The rooms have been renovated over the past three years and are much nicer than before. When we tried to get a room a month ago, we were told that they were sold out for the next 6 weekends. So, if you want a room as well as nude soaking time, you should call early.

There is also the New Years Eve Dinner and Dance in just two weeks at Mountain Air Ranch. There are only about 50 people signed up so far, with over 100 expected (procrastination is a common human trait, I guess). Just $40 per person. Lodging is completely booked (with a waitlist) at MAR, but if you want to party too hard, just bring a sleeping bag and roll it out on the clubhouse floor after the band packs up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Mainstream Nudist

You would be surprise who around you is a happy nudist.

In an interview with the Daily Express, Dame Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar as Best Actress for her role in "The Queen", said she is an enthusiastic fan of nudist beaches.

She says "I've been on nudist beaches and think theyre great, really great. They desexualise nudity completely"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Encouraging comments from the new generation

A college student, Jessie Brown, at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, says in an article for the college newspaper: "who is honestly mortally offended by the sight of a random bare ass?" The article addressed the response to campus streaking by a new Director of Campus Security, Francis Manfredo, who apparently felt that security would be improved by confiscating the clothing of any streaker and making them stand around naked after their run. I can't say that I see any "security" issues that are addressed by this priggish response to a harmless activity.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

MSNBC on where to get nude with locals

Today, MSNBC came out with a writeup on some unique places in the world to get naked with the locals.

These aren't your usual nudist destination resorts, just places around the world where you can enjoy the local attractions without worries about what to wear.

There is also a well done slideshow here.

I would really like to try the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland for sans-clothing natural hot springs.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chicago Tribune Explains Nude Recreation

The Chicago-Tribune newspaper has a good on-line article on the success of nudist tourist destinations, even in a recession. The article can be found here.
If you look for some nude recreation, you can see how popular it can be. A nude cruise of more than 2000 passengers to Hawaii over a year from now (March 2010) is almost sold out. Tom and Mary Clare Mulhall's Terra Cotta Inn is consistently the first or second most fully booked resort in Palm Springs (it sometimes is second to a local casino).
The article also has a good discussion about the difference of nudism from life-stylers (swingers). I never before thought that a librarian would put a nudist subject under Sex.