Thursday, January 21, 2010

How To Look Good Naked

The W Network in Canada is launching a Canadian version of "How to Look Good Naked," a TV series hosted in the U.S. by Carson Kressley. The show teaches women how to look and feel good about themselves with their clothes on or off. The outdoor campaign running in Toronto and Vancouver heavily emphasizes being comfortable sans clothes. A naked, pear-shaped woman stands next to a giant pear, with copy stating, "Learn to love your pear shape." A woman with an apple bottom stands next to a large apple and similar copy. See here and here. Pear- and apple-shaped bodies are basically out of one's control, but the muffin top, however, is controllable. The third ad has a naked lady sitting on a blueberry muffin, advocating her to love that muffin top. See the ad here. Zig created the campaign.