Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nude Outside on a Nice WARM Day and Only 2 Days Until Halloween

Here's a picture taken today next to the swimming pool at Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist resort. The temperature is 76 degrees, humidity 20%, at 4:16pm on October 29, 2008. There are no clouds and, after a while, its actually a little too warm in the sunshine.
Click on the picture to see it full size, and you might make out the chaise lounges, a corner of the swimming pool, and the pool ladder reflected in the clock face.

"Its just the way God made us..."

From a National Geographic Series called "Taboo"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Nude Year!!!

When it gets cold in Colorado (and it isn't yet), there are still some nice nudist activities to attend. One of my favorites is the New Year's Eve Dance at Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort. The cost per member is only $40($80 per couple), which includes dinner, live band for dancing, party favors, champagne for midnight toast. Also the hot tub and sauna are just outside the clubhouse and available (and used all night). Non-members should call the Ranch at (303)697-4083 to see about availability and cost (I think its between $20 and $40 more for a couple).

There is lodging at Mountain Air Ranch, but all of the nice rooms are already reserved for New Years Eve and paid for. The Scrub Oak may or may not be available. But there is space to park RVs with electric hookups (no water hookups in the winter). There is camping for truly hearty souls (we tried it one year and its was indeed very cold). Some folks bring sleeping bags in their cars and just toss them out on the dance floor after the band leaves at 2am.

Compare this to the $218 cost for a couple at the Hyatt Hotel downtown and you can see that its quite a bargain and arguably a whole lot more fun.

Most attendees go completely nude (the fireplace in the Clubhouse is started early) and the room will be plenty toasty once the dancing starts. Some ladies will wear some minimal attractive outfits, but they usually don't stay on very long. Some gentlemen have come in tuxedo coats (just coats).

Another really nice non-Colorado New Years Eve party is at Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs. This is a very small affair of around 20 couples. As Tom Mulhall (the owner) reports: Our New Year's Eve party is a blast. It is held obviously on Wenesday, December 31st. It is our most popular party of the year where we turn away lots of guests who wait too long before booking. The party itself is just $250/couple. We have a 5 course sit down dinner with steak and lobster. And we go all out for our guests as for instance the lobster is Canadian New Brunswick lobster which is even tastier and sweetier than Maine lobster. We have a fun DJ, dancing Midnight dessert buffet and more. Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip Report for Valley View Hot Springs

Bill from New Mexico posted this trip review on USENET:

Dear All,

Valley View Hot Springs/Orient Land Trust is in a class of its own. We spent four days at that unique place in the last two weeks. 99% of the people were nude in the water. For reasons not known to us, 99% of the people on the trails and in their campsites (but not us) were clothes minded, even though it was plenty warm enough for clothes freedom. The natural pools were 95 - 97 degrees while the hydro heated kiddie pool, which is very shallow, was about 102. The hydro heated sauna was as high as 160, a great temperature. A really great feature of the sauna is that it has a small cool pool right in the room, so there's no need to leave the room to cool down.

Valley View makes 100% of their own electric power by collecting the outflow of most of the springs, then sending it down a pipe to a 70(?) KW hydro plant on the valley floor. About a dozen 20 amp electric outlets are available for free use here and there in the campsites near the pool.

Cell service in the area has vastly improved; we had a full signal all the time on our phones and internet access with a Verizon data card was broadband; we didn't even need to turn on the 50 db amplifier we have to use in remote areas, such as here at Wind Horse in New Mexico where we live off the grid.

We were a bit late in the season for a good bat fly out. In mid summer, as many as 250,000 bats fly out of the old Orient Mine at sunset, the largest bat colony in the state of Colorado.

Naturally Nude,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nude Hiking in Colorado

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to hike nude in Colorado, I have posted a slideshow video of the some of the hiking trails at Mountain Air Ranch.

This slideshow of pictures taken while hiking nude through MAR shows the trails starting just uphill from the office, heading east up a ravine, across a hillside, then south through another ravine, then east across the meadow on the south end of the property, then up to BareFoote Rock, then to Panorama Point, then down to the Clubhouse, around the pool and ending at the tennis/volleyball courts.

This hike covers about 25% of the clothing optional hiking land at Mountain Air Ranch. The trails on the north and west side of the property are not shown.