Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Nude and Save the Planet

The UK magazine Marie Claire has an article about a group who claim living a naturalist lifestyle could be the best way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The reduced carbon footprint from not cooling as much, from not manufacturing as much clothing and lighter luggage when travelling seems to be a good thing. The group is interviewed about this.

Some folks will point out that heating homes in Northern climates would offset that, but if you read the research, its actually greener if you move to a Southern climate anyway. In Colorado, if you go nude and get away from using an air conditioner in your home or even reduce its use, your carbon footprint is a whole lot less, even if you keep it a couple of degrees warmer in the winter. An evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) actually saves over 3/4 of the energy of A/C and adds moisture to your house air, which is a pleasant side effect in Colorado.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Some really nice YouTube videos that cast nudism in a good light

Here are some good videos on YouTube that cast nudism in a sane light....

Another really good video that shows a nudist party is at

More mainstream media coverage on understanding nudism

National Geographic is carrying a story on its website on Nudism in the United States. Called The Skinny on Nudism in the U.S., the article discusses common misconceptions about nudism and some legal difficulties in various states. It also explains nudist resorts and nudist housing subdivisions.

Some of the more disturbing items reported in the article are things like Montana jailing a first time skinny dipper for 6 months as a "sex offender" (100 years for a third offense). Hard to believe a state like Montana, with a reputation for independence and self-sufficiency, would adopt such a Puritan view on life, particularly with traditional treatments of nudism by folks like Mark Twain and Norman Rockwell showing tolerance. Of course, Montana is also the state that harbored the UnaBomber....

Friday, August 1, 2008

Record Setting Heatwave - another reason to go NUDE

As Denver gets ready to set another record for most number of consecutive 90F+ degree days, the local news organizations have reported on ways to cope with the heat. I really like the one that said "take your shoes off" since the soles of your feet radiate a lot of heat. But why not just take off everything?

The temperatures at several Colorado nudist locations, including Mountain Air Ranch and Valley View Springs, are many degrees lower than in Denver. For example, on a drive last weekend from Denver to Mountain Air Ranch, the temperature went from 91 degrees on C-470 down to 79 degrees at the MAR Family Nudist Resort office in just 20 minutes. And 79 degrees is a very pleasant temperature for a nude hike in the foothills of the Front Range.

Keeping in mind that the temperature drops, on average, 5.5 degrees for every 1000 feet you go up in the mountains, anywhere in the mountains of Colorado will be cooler than Denver. Frisco, about 1 hour west of Denver, will be up to 20 degrees cooler than Denver today. An if you hike up above Loveland Pass, you can probably find somewhere to ski au-naturel.

Unless you really like it hot, you might want to avoid Dakota Hot Springs for the next four days, since the temperatures in the air are probably hotter than the hot springs themselves.